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Catskill Cattle is a Local Farm Stand & Farm Store, selling freezer beef & natural produce (fruits & vegetables.  Catskill Cattle also specializes in affordable, high quality registered & commercial cattle - Simmental, Angus, SimAngus, Sim-Hereford.

Summer 2019 CSA Week 2

CSA Recipes

Summer 2019 CSA Week 2

Lonny Schaefer

I hope you enjoyed your produce last week. This week you will find several new treats! The strawberries are enjoying the rain so far and are super sweet! We grow 3 varieties of kale so you will probably get a chance to try all 3 this summer. Our salad mix varies each week depending on what greens we have available to put in it. It is one of our signature items!

Here is a link to a post with 6 tasty healthy sald dressings that compliment our sald amix and lettuce perfectly.

You will also find kale in your bag this week. This is my favorite recipe for a quick easy Kale Salad.


2 cups chopped kale

1 chopped avocado

1/2 of a grapefruit squeezed

handful of raspberries

salt and pepper to taste

Directions: chop kale, juice grapefruit, combine in a bowl. Chop avocado, mix into bowl, add salt and pepper to taste. Plate and put raspberries on top. You could use any citrus fruit juice or berries in this recipe. I think I will try it with lemon juice and strawberries this week! Or how about orange juice and blueberries? Yum! Iv’e served this as a side with grilled chicken and fish and even put it on top of a cheese burger.

The next recipe is a family favorite passed down from my Great Grandmother Margret, who immigrated from Germany. My mother has worked hard over the years since my grandma passed to perfect this recipe and make it taste just like my grandma’s!

German Potato Salad

6 medium potatoes boil with skin on till done but slighty firm.

Run cold water over to cool slightly then take skin off and slice thin, when there still warm.

1 cup hot water disolve 1 or 2 beef boulions in a cup and pour over thinly sliced potatoes.

1/2 cup cooking oil pour over potatoes

1/2-3/4 cup ACV pour over potatoes and gently stir to blend all liquids into potatoes (its ok if potatose fall apart some, it makes the salad creamier)

Salt and Pepper to taste.

Cool in refrigerator.

When cooled add 1/4 -1/2 cup chopped fresh chives and add 1/4 cup bacon crumbs.

Serve warm or cold.

I know some of you have rhubarb left from last week. A friend of mine made these cookies and gave them a rave review!

Enjoy your farm fresh meals this week from Catskill Cattle Company to your table!