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Catskill Cattle is a Local Farm Stand & Farm Store, selling freezer beef & natural produce (fruits & vegetables.  Catskill Cattle also specializes in affordable, high quality registered & commercial cattle - Simmental, Angus, SimAngus, Sim-Hereford.

Autumn CSA Week 8

CSA Recipes

Autumn CSA Week 8

Lonny Schaefer

And just like that it is Halloween and our Autumn CSA has come to an end. We hope you will stop by the farm or the Broome County Regional Farmers Market to visit us during the rest of the Fall and Winter. It was a pleasure meeting all of you. We grow produce in our greenhouses year round and will continue to have meats, eggs, dairy products and several other items available through the Fall and Winter.

Student or Small Shares received scallions, pears, carrots and either a winter squash or brussel sprouts today. Half shares received green onions, carrots, herbs, apples, pears, salad mix, either diakon radishes, green beans or beets and either a winter squash or brussel sprouts. Full share received all of that plus potatoes, a pepper, cucumber, swiss chard, eggplant and collards.

Everyonen received carrots today so let’s start there! We grow a variety of colors of carrots on our farm. Some are the traditional orange but you also may have recieved white, yellow, red or purple ones! They all taste fantastic! Here is a recipe for a Carrot and Ginger Soup.

Here is simple way to roast carrots. I will be garnishing mine with parsley and serving with a homemade ranch dressing.

Green onions or scallions are a great garnish for lots of meats, vegetable side dishes, saldas and soups. They can also be the star of the show!

I love onion dip and this one is preservative free! Uses parsley as well. Great with veggies, crackers or chips.

This recipe reminds me of wonton soup without the wontons and extra green onions, YUM!

Can’t use all the green onions from this week and last? Here are some tips on storing them to use later.

I know I have told most of you that brussel sprouts are my favorite vegetable! My favorite way to cook them is cut in half in a frying pan with chunks of bacon and onion. Super simple. Super tasty. Bacon is good for your brain. Trust me. I have read plenty of articles to confirm it!

Many of your received diakon radishes today. Here is all the dirt on the health benefits! This is such a versatile vegetable. I used it in place of carrots in fried rice last night. It is great roasted like potatoes with olive oil, rosemary, salt and pepper and my favorite is sliced and dipped in hummus.

Some of you received beets. I wish we had enough for everyone today! My favorite way to prepare beets is to roast them. Here is a recipe for how to do that. I ordered a beet salad at a restaurant over the weekend and shared it with my father in law. It was amazing! I cannot wait to recreate it at home. It started with a plate of mixed greens dressed with olive oil and basalmic vinegar, it was tops with chucks of roasted beets and chucks of goat cheese. Amazing!

Well, that’s all I have for you tonight. I am already starting to plan for our next CSA season! Have some thoughts or requests for me? Send me an email I hope to see a many of you at the Broome County Regional Farmers Market or at the farm way before that!

From Our Farm to Your Table,

Catskill Cattle Company